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Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia is the Chief Executive Officer of Eunity Solutions, a multidimensional consulting company focused on helping business leaders who lack the understanding of the power of diversity and inclusion to create inclusive workplace culture where everyone thrives. Dr. Eunice is a transformational keynote speaker and Author of “Cultural Awareness: A strategy that Can Influence Your Journey to Success.” This 23-year nurse, former university professor of 13-years, recipient of Spirit of Nursing Award, Leadership award and Top ten Most Inspiring Woman in Delaware, and a former host of The Truth with Dr. G on Facebook live, now uses her lived experiences to train thousands of business leaders how to leverage diverse talents, create inclusive work environments and experience business growth and profitability.

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Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia is a Registered nurse turned Certified Executive Coach and a Diversity and Inclusion Strategist.  A passionate advocate of embracing diversity and cultural inclusion as a strength. She speaks with the authority of first-hand experience struggling with cultural changes and a life-changing event that sent her on a trajectory of finding her purpose in life and, ultimately, to her role as coach and keynote speaker. 

Fresh from the cornfields of Cameroon, Dr. Eunice remembers that at the age of 21, she dropped out of the French-speaking University of Yaoundé and never graduated because she couldn’t adapt to learning a different language. This experience was her turning moment. 

As an immigrant, and a nurse who has navigated cultural changes and challenges, she knows all too well the disadvantages of what not embracing cultural differences looks like. But the one thing she does know from lived experience in her life of:


  • Failing out of college at age 21 

  • Becoming culturally mindful and socially proficient (Cultural Responsiveness) at age 21

  • Given a second chance in life

  • Moving to Canada to study dental therapy 

  • Mastered dental therapy but failed at building her cultural responsiveness 

  • Left Canada disheartened and lonely for the Washington DC area thinking she’d love it there, she’d meet people “like” her

  •  Yet, it was there she discovered “She wasn’t looking for people like her. She was looking for a place she could call home.” A place where she could embrace the people, culture, and values regardless of any differences. Delaware became home. 

  • Arriving Delaware her transformation that being culturally aware and sensitive was tested.

  • Advised not to apply for a job at a local hospital. she was told, “I wouldn’t bother applying there, they are racist and won’t offer you a position. Plus, you’re a woman and an immigrant with a heavy accent.”

Is that embracing cultural differences allows many opportunities for personal, professional, and business growth.

The power of these experiences is what drives her passion:  engaging audiences in the workplace and around the world in conversations about diversity, cultural differences and how to use them to improve organizational performances. It is clear: when we maximize diverse human capital by becoming culturally aware and accept our differences, we gain an industry advantage and shape global change. 

Today, Dr. Eunice seeks to help mitigate racial divisions through education, courses, speaking, coaching, and events. Her message rings with a fiery zeal, conviction, and a powerful vision of enabling the creation of cohesive businesses and organizations.

Dr. Eunice is a Keynote Speaker, Diversity and Inclusion Strategist, Executive Coach, Educator, and Author of “Cultural Awareness: A Strategy that Can Influence Your Journey To Success.” and Co-author of “Little Girls Dreams Metamorphosis to Women Realities: A Collaboration of Inspirations.”  This former university professor and nurse for 23 years is the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions, including 


  • Top Ten Most Inspiring Woman in Delaware, Teakettica

  • Spirit of Nursing Award, U.S Army Nurse Corps. 

  • Inducted into The National Society of Leadership and Success

  • Inducted into the Institute of Excellence, National Black Nurses Association 

  • Leadership Award, National Black Nurses Association.


Dr. Eunice has a Master of Science degree in Nursing Leadership, a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing. 

Having overcome cultural changes and challenges, Dr Eunice has drawn upon her lived experiences to teach business leaders and organizations how to create inclusive workplace culture. Her mission is to help business leaders who lack the understanding of the power of diversity and inclusion to create inclusive workplace culture.

As the CEO of Eunity Solutions, her multidimensional consulting firm’s courses, events and result based coaching and consulting programs equip business leaders with strategies to create inclusive workplace culture so they can improve team performance, increase retention, internal and external customer relations, improve employee engagement and experience and positive return on investment.

Her signature speaking topics include:

  • Your Fathers Leadership Technique: Top Five Reasons It Doesn’t Work in Today’s Culture

  • Business Growth: Best Practices to Create Inclusive Workplace Culture

  • Unleash the Power of Inclusion: 5 Strategies for Creating a Healthy Work Environment

  • 5P Success Formula Needed for Companies to Win in Diversity and Inclusion.

From her one-on-one coaching, group training events and online seminars, businesses and organizations experience business growth. 

Her core belief is “don’t let anyone tell you, who you are and who you will become but be the captain of your ship.”

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